Moonrise Professional Pathway Programme 

MPPP .png

The Moonrise Professional Pathway Programme will give you everything you need to plan and execute 100s of cricket sessions for all ages in or out of the cricket season. With the way the programme is structured we give the teacher/coach total flexibility to adapt their session to meet the needs of their players. 

We believe cricket is not a one size fits all sport and with that in mind we don't believe the coaching should be either. 

Warm up games x8

Batting skills x8 with 22 drills and 10 skill related games 

Bowling skills x 5 with 13 drills and 9 skill related games 

Fielding skills x3 with 9 drills and 7 skill related games


All the warmups, drills and games are explained in 2 ways

1) Written explanation 

2) Helpful diagrams 

Covid has prevented us from creating the video content so we are offering 100% free support to any teacher thats wants abit more clarity on their sessions.

This is to give totally clarity to the teacher/coach as to what they should be looking for when running the session. 


We are aware of the need to allocate funding before April 1st so we are reducing the MPPP to just £199

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