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30 minute conversation

The conversations with Charlie has really helped Rorys confidence levels. Since having the chats with Charlie he hasn't stopped talking about it and is always in the garden practicing. Amazing, would highly reccomend


Remember to prepare for your video call with a pro, 30 minutes can go very quickly and you do not want to forget any crucial questions you have always wanted to ask. 

Below is a list of some useful questions to ask professional sportsmen and women.

Please note any video call with a person under the age of 18 must do so with an adult present or must provide full consent prior to the call. 

  • When did you know you wanted to play professional sport?

  • How long have you been playing the game 

  • If you could have played any other sport what would it have been ?

  • Whats the best advice you have been given?

  • What is your favorite sports quote?

  • How do you deal with being nervous? 

  • Who was your idol growing up?

  • Do you have a plan to help you get to your best-focused state?

  • I want to improve my ....... What training tips would you give me ?

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